Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 4, April 12, 2011

Woo Hoo!!! I woke up this morning and weighed my self and I lost 2 count them 2 pounds!  OK I know it's not much but it is the beginning!  I couldn't wait to get to the office to tell them. 

Today was a good day!  I wasn't ravenous when I woke up, I didn't get hungry until about 12:00, and then I pushed lunch to 12:30.  I had the same thing i ate yesterday.  Grilled chicken salad with a vinagrette dressing!  I ate my melba toast at 3:00, and I haven't eatten my apple.  Will do that later tonight ewhen the munchies hit, and I know they will hit!  I will also have my strawberries to mince on too, and my breadstick :)  I want to say this is easy, but I know it's just hte beginning and like everything else, I'm gonna want to give up at some point, but i'm gonna keep looking at that NASTY before picture I took and continue this journey!!! 

Weekends are going to be HARD and so are the weeks we are gonna have the kids, but I know I will get through it.  Lord help me through this!!  In your strength I can accomplish anything!!! 

So I am two pounds lighter, there is a spring in my step and I'm still positive!!!  Another successful day!  Can't wait to get on the scale tomorrow morning.

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