Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 2, April 10 2011

OK so here we are day 2.  Another day of "Fat Loading"  WooHoo! 

Again I had myself a good hearty breakfast, thanks to my nephew Craig.  We had scrambled eggs with cheese, and Fried potatoes with onion!  Yummy!!!  Lunch consisted of homemade crab salad on crackers.  I had a monster bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Then dinner was Fried pork chops, Mash potatoes with country gravy, and corn.  I was soooo full I couldn't stand myself.  I also had myself a couple of teriyaki sticks..  I felt like I ate all day long!

While making dinner, I made both mine and Brent's lunch for tomorrow.  i made us each a grilled chicken salad, with the Vinigrette dressing!  It looked and smelled REALLY good, hopefully it tastes good!  I'm really excited for tomorrow.

I'm weighing and Measuring myself tonight to get my starting numbers.  Not to excited about that, but I'm exited about starting to loose weight! 

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